“Love, Liberate & Launch” A Transformational Coaching Program

Free Your True Self and Natural Gifts 

to Make Your Unique Contribution in the World.

“Love, Liberate & Launch,” is our Transformational 9-Month Group Coaching Program where you are supported to love ALL of who you are, liberate your natural gifts, and launch your next unique contribution into the world. This program will support you in the inner work needed to expand into your next level of true self expression, authentic leadership, courageous visibility, and purposeful impact.

This guided transformational journey is for courageous individuals, creative entrepreneurs, and rising leaders, who are ready to launch a new business, event, blog, program, book, body of work, album, global movement, or any other creative endeavor aligned with your natural gifts. Our program will lead you through the visioning, creation, and activation of your own unique Launch Project, where you will offer your gifts like never before. Jessica will guide you to trust your liberated true self to lead each step of the way. Claim your value, be seen and heard, connect with those who are drawn to your gifts, and feel the deep satisfaction of making a difference.

We invite you to experience authentic connection in this affirming community where you have full permission and support to be who you are. Dive deep, stretch beyond old limitations, share tears of release and belly laughter, and be seen in vulnerable darkness and your powerful light. Take turns giving and receiving support, inspiration, and accountability as we each birth our Truest Selves and most Inspired Visions into reality. Be guided and loved by Jessica Chilton as she walks the talk of all she teaches.

In this Program you will release what holds you back, let go of concerns about how others perceive and judge you, and heal beyond ‘not good enough’ feelings. We invite you to let go of perfection, control, façades and hiding. Move through any resistance to your own gifts and befriend fears that arise along the way. Relieve the pressure of being anyone other than who you truly are and discover a new singular liberating intention to: Be bravely yourself.

Your community will benefit from you saying YES to this Program. You are ready to free your truest self to SHINE. The world is cheering for you to Love, Liberate & Launch.


Through the course of this Program, you will have the opportunity to:

 Love ALL of who you are—bringing healing into your darkness and embracing the power of your light.

Re-connect with, embody, and express your truest self.

 Clarify, claim, and value your unique natural gifts.

 Move beyond the fears and self-limitations that have held you back from offering your gifts.

 Receive an inspired vision for the expanded way you want to offer your gifts.

 Discover the group of people who are hungry for your gifts.

 Create and activate a Launch Project—the next evolution of your expression and contribution in the world.

 Emerge as a Leader simply by being bravely yourself and letting yourself be seen and heard.

 Cultivate meaningful relationships as you give and receive support in a creative inspiring community.   

Join “Love, Liberate & Launch” and YOU can expect to feel loved, guided, supported, encouraged, and celebrated through this program. Jessica Chilton will guide you through a new phase of the journey each month. You will receive the following each month, delivered in digestible, doable, dynamo weekly doses:

 ‘Love, Liberate & Launch’ Audio Lessons led by Jessica Chilton as guidance and inspiration for each new phase of the journey.

 ‘Love, Liberate & Launch’ Activation Pages to guide you in practically applying the month’s lesson, experiencing the transformation, and moving forward with your own Launch Project. 

Group Clarity Coaching Calls with Jessica Chilton to ask questions about the month’s theme, move through blocks with your launch project, realign with your inner truth, and deepen the transformative group experience.

 Personalized Improvisational Messages recording Jessica’s Insights for each person in the group to serve as a catalyst for your next level of transformation and contribution.

 ‘Spotlight Invitations’ to stretch into greater visibility, by being bravely yourself as you offer your unique gifts and authentic leadership in the group and beyond.

 Guided Creative Daily Practices crafted to help you ENJOY progressing on your inner-journey each and every day. These powerful daily experiences are the inner fuel to power your launch project into its full expression.

 Private Community Online Forum—Our sacred playground of guidance, collaboration, and encouragement with other creative individuals who want to let their gifts make a meaningful impact in the world.

 Random Acts of Love sprinkled throughout our 9-month journey! Some things are way better left as a Surprise!

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“Love, Liberate & Launch 2016”

Program begins October 1, 2016.

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