“Remember Who You Are.”

The True Magical Fairytale

The art of fairytale self-reflection.

*** I’m grateful to Pinterest contributors for images in this video. Visit http://www.pinterest.com/chilton0900/my-iconic-essence/ to find image sources and credits.***

 Wow, I am so excited right now! I have always wanted to write a children’s story for all ages. And this week I did it. Since it is a story based on my own life journey, told in a true yet magical fairytale way, it feels good to finish it right in time for my 38th birthday. 

So, today I give you this story as a birthday gift from me TO YOU. And, I wholeheartedly invite you to become part of this evolving creation as I’m seeing a published book and/or performance art event in our bright future…

Two ways you can add your unique Spark to this creative project:

1. After you finish listening to the story, I would love for you to share some words that bubble up in response to the story and post it in the comments below. Pleeeeeeeaaaaaase, pretty please. It would mean so much to me. :)

If prompts help, here are some questions I’m curious about:

  • If you were asked to write a short testimonial/review for the back cover of this book, what would you say?
  • What name would you give to Princess #3 after she goes through her transformation? (SPARK Princess of the Sky is not set in stone yet.)
  • What aspect of the story reminds you of your own journey?
  • If you were reading this story with a child, which part of the story would you most want to discuss together afterwards?
  • What does this story inspire for you? New insight? New action?

2. My vision for this story is to evolve it into a collaborative creation—my words with your images. “Who me?”…”Yes, YOU!” The images that I am temporarily using are mostly borrowed from Pinterest with a few of my own splashed in. (You can visit http://www.pinterest.com/chilton0900/my-iconic-essence/ to find image sources and credits.) In the next evolution of this project, I would love for each page of this story to have a powerful expressive image from someone in our community. (You will of course be credited as the artist.)

So, listen to this story, noticing which parts resonate most with you. Close your eyes and imagine that particular part of the story as an image. Then, let your creativity have some fun creating that image. It could be a drawing, painting, photograph, collage, mask, puppet, sculpture, installation– anything that visually expresses that part of the story. As soon as it is created, take a photo of it and send it to me. (And perhaps you already have several images in your life’s collection that you could pull out and submit.)

I invite you to send in as many submissions as you desire to jessica@sparkcreativewellness.com. I will feel my way through which image is meant to land on each page once all submissions have been received. It will feel so good to create something together with you. So fun!



 If this story inspires you to move forward on your own transformational journey…

I invite you to apply for your own “Remember Who You Are” Discovery Session.

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Jessica will contact you to set up your complimentary call.

15 comments to “Remember Who You Are.”

  • Jessica! Wow! What a brilliant creation! You are a beautiful story teller and poet! I’m so very proud of you for having the courage to share your story in this beautifully inspiring way. Truly well done. A story that needs to be shared with women and young girls. Congrats and Happy Early Bday! <3

    • Jessica Chilton

      Thank you, Jennifer, for pointing out the courage it took to share this story.

      I wrote the story a few days ago and had only read it aloud to a group of women one time before sharing it in this public way with the world. When I read it to the women, I cried three times: first when I introduced the story and the concept of being a princess (which I had loaded with negative associations until now), second when Princess #1 died and the pain of that moment came flooding back, and third when the humble man visited the Princess on the mountain and she asked him to marry her (which is accurate as I said no to Craig when he asked me, and only years later after my healing journey I proposed to him. It still touches me so much that Craig loved me before I loved myself.).

      So yes, it does feel courageous to share this story. I have released shame. I embrace vulnerability. And I feel liberated!!

  • Jessica! This is wonderful, amazing and is a great gift to share with the world. Thanks for continuing to shine and inspire the world by doing so!

  • Jessica Chilton

    So great to hear from you, Hannah! It sure feels good to share this story with the world. Each time I make visible something that before was hidden, I feel liberated. Sharing the lows along with the highs, lets the star shine brightly in the night sky. Love to you!!

  • Mindy

    How FUN! I was hooked from the first page and was ready to have it read to me again & again!!! Happy Birthday Beautiful Princess!!! I love your invitation for collaboration. Shall marinate with it…in the meantime I’m super psyched to have an awesome bedtime story read to me before bed each night. Seriously. My father was the ultimate bedtime story teller and just today, I told him I was needing something from him…and voila! I finally get to read your newsletter and there it is: the ultimate bedtime story!!! What sweet dreams I shall have tonight…visions of heart leaves, SPARK Princesses of the Skies, royal roots…awakening to remember who I am.

  • Jessica Chilton

    Awwwww, Mindy! I relish in the idea that your father and I worked together to deliver you the bedtime story you were needing. And I love imagining that this story will inspire your dreams…and your dreams will inspire all kinds of who-knows-what goodness.

    I sure hope your marination leads to a tasty creative collaboration between us. It would mean so much to have your images in this book.

    Until then, know that you have propelled me forward with your affirming words.

    Sweet dreams!

  • Melody

    Your story is absolutely beautiful, & I love hearing you read it!
    As you know, Remember Who You Are is the title of my own journey, so of course that is the aspect that I identify with the most.
    I visit with Spirit every day, and we stand next to a peaceful lake on a cliff very similar to yours. I can never thank you enough for introducing me to my Guide & Inner Team. I was lost in the woods before that meeting. Someday, when I learn to fly, I will take a Leap of Faith from the tip of that cliff.
    The betrayal of my Knight in Shining Armor was necessary for my growth, too.
    I am also a Wounded Healer. I am learning to be grateful for my journey. It is not just for me; it inspires me as I help others to remember their own divine Spark.
    Thank you again. I hope you have a truly Sparkling Birthday!!

    • Jessica Chilton

      So grateful for your words, Melody. There are many similarities in our healing journeys. Perhaps that is why we were drawn together. I’m so glad to hear your Inner Guide is leading you each day as you remember who you are.

      For me, Flying symbolizes the freedom of trusting, embodying, and expressing my True Self. So liberating! So, although you may not literally be up in the sky with the birds, notice the liberating moments in your life where you are aligned with your core feeling completely free. You can fly right now.

      Big Hug,

  • Oh my goodness!!! Tears are streaming down my face as I write this! :) I had waited several days before watching it knowing that I could trust that I would see it when the time was perfect – and it was of course!

    I’m so very very proud of you! This is such a beautiful story and such a beautiful telling of your story. I love it more then I have words (and we know how rare that is!!!) and I can’t wait to share it. This is good (!!!) and will help free so many hearts. Please, keep me posted and you move through this books journey.

    You are such a delicious, yummy, amazing, brilliant, loving be.ing and I’m so happy we get to circle the sun together!

    • Jessica Chilton

      Thank you, dear Jenn! I love that you were rendered speechless by this story. I am aware of the rarity of this phenomenon and hope it lasted only for a moment, because your talkativeness is one way your unique Spark shines. And oh, how I love when it shines:)

      It will be fun to talk together about potential paths of this book’s evolution. You are visionary and I’d appreciate your input.

      So grateful for the sunshine we share…

  • Dear Jessica,

    Congratulations and Happy, Happy Birthday!

    I’m feeling quiet after receiving such a sweet telling of your journey this morning.

    Thank you for this radiant gem to bless all who will benefit!!

    May you receive LOTS of creations to add SPARK to the pages…maybe even a submission from me. I’ve been feeling the call to play with materials.

    Many blessings and trees full of love,

    • Jessica Chilton

      Thank you for your quiet blessings. I love the idea of many trees full of love continuing to inspire my way. And, I really LOVE the idea of having an image of yours in this book. We have benefitted mutually from each other along the journey, so it would feel so good to collaborate in this way.
      Excited to see what you create!
      Big Hug,

      • You’re so welcome, Jessica. I’m glad my comments found their way into your heart with sweet grace, and I appreciate your heart song back to me, with the encouragement to create a page for your book. Stay tuned! Much love, Joy

  • Debbie Madden

    First, Happy 38th Birthday Princess #3. I knew instantly the story you were telling and what a fabulous way to tell it in a children’s story book fashion. As I read the story, I thought your voice is so soft and delicate, just the kind of voice any child would love to hear a story being read to them by. You remind me of Meg Ryan in the movie, You’ve Got Mail, and her book store that was all about children’s books. Maybe writing children’s story books could be your calling Meg, I mean Princess #3. Anyhow, wonderful story and have a wonderful birthday.

    • Jessica Chilton

      So fun to receive a comment from you, Debbie! Wow, I’ve certainly never been compared to Meg Ryan!:) I’ll have to watch You’ve Got Mail again now that I know we are kindred spirits. Thank you for your encouragement as I dive into the realm of writing children’s stories. It’s at least part of my calling. I know I was meant to write this particular story. We’ll see what story wants to be told next!Big Hug to YOU from me… and Oskar.

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