True Self ‘Cover Girl’

Magazine Cover

What would it be like to let your Truest Self bravely shine, even in the Spotlight?

This month I’ve walked into new uncharted territory on the Cover of Mogul Muse Magazine.

I’ve been soaking in the experience of this new terrain of visibility. What I find deeply satisfying is that I am now able to show up in this Spotlight with full authenticity. This has not always been the case.

There have been countless times in my life where I have performed, given presentations, had photo shoots, led groups, and was not able to access and express the real me. When I look into the eyes of this ‘cover girl’ picture I see my truest self shining through. This is what feels so good.

One of the most fun parts of being featured in Mogul Muse this month was creating this Video Interview Adventure up my favorite Art Loeb Trail in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

I invite you to join me on the mountaintop through this Mogul Muse Cover Feature:

‘Exclusive Video Interview with Jessica Chilton’

Thank you to Thalia Barrett, Editor in Chief of Mogul Muse Magazine, who chose to feature me in her magazine and edited this Video Interview so that you can now join me on this beautiful path of love and liberation.

And an extra thank you to my dear friend, Annie Price, who served as my companion, interviewer, and videographer, as we improvised our way up the mountain.

Discover your Magnif-Essence

Essence of an Oak TreeDo you believe that you came into this Life and this Body with a unique Essence that is still who you truly are?

Kind of like an Acorn that holds the essence of the Oak Tree it will become, do you believe that your seed of potential was there at the beginning?

I do.

And I believe that your Essence, when embodied and expressed, feels like your Naturalness. When your Essence is liberated from self-limitations, you get to experience the joy and freedom of being truly yourself.

Yes. It’s like when you were a small child–before any fears or constrictions dampened your shine. Remember how you felt as a young child when you were playing and having fun in your own unique way?

The way you were in those earliest happy memories of childhood holds powerful clues for who you can be and how you can feel right now. 

Oskar shines

I am watching it in Oskar (my 2 year old). He is being Oskar. He is being funny, engaged, musical, bright, cheery, expressive, sensitive, exuberant, willful, loving, affectionate, and imaginative because that is who he naturally is. His essence is fully allowed in each moment. And because of this, he shines.

Most of us have in some way constricted, covered, contained, disconnected and disempowered our ability to naturally shine. We have lost touch with our True Self.

It is by remembering who we truly are and returning to our Essence that we begin to reconnect with our natural ability to shine. As we allow our uniqueness to shine once again, we have extraordinary gifts to offer the world.

I’m very focused on ESSENCE right now as that is the theme of the month in my Love, Liberate & Launch Group Coaching Program.

In the next 14 days I am leading this awesome group of creative individuals through 14 specific channels for clarifying and connecting with their ESSENCE.

Today I’d like to invite you to come with us on our journey through our 1st Channel for clarifying and connecting with your Essence:

Revisit Your Childhood Naturalness…

I invite you to travel back to your earliest happy moments in childhood. What did you love doing? How did you play? What was fun for you? How did you naturally engage with Life?

Let yourself write stream-of-conscious stories or phrases of memories. Let your inner-child doodle, dance, sing, talk, or play her answers to these questions. And let what you discover be a powerful bridge to your unique Essence that is ready to be expressed again in the world.

Here’s what I discovered when Shining the light on my childhood naturalness:

As early as I can remember, I loved to improvise — singing, dancing, acting, creating rituals and games. I was five years old when I created my first band. I was the self-proclaimed lead singer. I loved being seen and heard in the spotlight. I loved teaching and leading. I was determined and confident. I loved competition and winning–especially if it involved beating all the boys. And I loved an audience!

This was the first song I ever made up at age 5. Somehow it has stuck with me throughout my whole life. Singing it again today, I connected with my childhood naturalness…which freed my Essence to be expressed.

My Childhood Naturalness–
This is the 1st Song I created at age 5:)
“My Eyes and My Ears and My Monkey Teeth!”

Enjoy reconnecting with your Childhood Naturalness as a step into your Magnif-Essence!

Celebrating ALL that YOU are,


Your Experiment in Nourishment

If you want to be bravely yourself and offer your gifts in impactful ways in the world…it’s time to fill yourself up first.

nourishmentNOURISH is the theme of the first month of our Love, Liberate & Launch Year-long Group Coaching Program. We’re 1 week into the Journey, and we are Nourishing ourselves like never before.

This blog post is my chance to let some of our Nourishment overflow to you!

Cause here’s the thing. However you’ve been nourishing yourself before brought you to your current state–where you are now in Life, feeling how you are feeling today.

So, take this moment to notice your current state–your health, your own feeling of being chronically drained or abundantly full, and where you are right now on your own unique path of being bravely yourself and offering your gifts in impactful ways.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your current state, or if you’re ready to expand to the next level of your potential, you might not want to choose the same old ways of nourishing yourself.

It’s time to experiment and discover what really fills you up and fuels the purposeful life you’re ready to expand into…

One of our amazingly artistic Love, Liberate & Launch Participants, Lorrie of LoLo Studios, experimented her way into creating this Nourishing Painting. This painting process was all about Nourishing & Activating her Aliveness. I feel nourished and enlivened simply by looking at it!

Nourishing Painting by LoLo
Copyright LoLo Studios 2015

Our whole Love, Liberate & Launch group is in the midst of a “14 Days of Nourishment Experience.” We’re enjoying 30-minutes a day intentionally experimenting with how to nourish ourselves in the most satisfying of ways.

Feel free to join us your own solo-version of this Experiment in Nourishment! Let your 30 minute daily practice (for 14 days) overflow into your entire day–influencing a new nourishing way to experience your Life.

Specifically, join us in discovering how to:

Nourish your Love for ALL of who you are…

How does your Body, Mind, Spirit, and Heart want to be nourished?

Nourish your Liberation…

How does your Bravery, your Friendship with Fear, the Shadowy places within you, and your Freedom want to be nourished?

Nourish the Launch of your Dreams into Reality…

How does your next inspired Project, your Clarity, your Commitment, and your Purpose want to be nourished?

I choose selfI truly believe that it is essential to our quest of offering our natural gifts in impactful ways to first fill ourselves up. We want to give our best to others. We want to let our True Self fully shine. This is only possible when we prioritize our own Self-Care. Then, we are able to give sustainably, from a place of abundance rather than depletion.

This month you have the opportunity to decide that your Nourishment is #1 in order to enjoy Life as you make a positive difference for others by being bravely yourself.

Celebrating ALL that YOU are,