Welcome to SPARK Creative Wellness Studio, where you discover an artful path to navigating challenges, loving yourself, and shaping your most satisfying life.

  • SPARK is for you if you are a woman in the midst of one of life’s challenges.
  • SPARK is for you if you are ready to move beyond a health challenge and you want to refocus your attention toward loving yourself and your life.
  • SPARK is for you if you are struggling through a difficult transition and need support in shaping your life anew.
  • SPARK is for you if you are dissatisfied in your career path or frustrated in your own business, and you are ready to move beyond self-imposed limitations and towards doing your great work in the world.

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As a result of joining the SPARK community and committing to your own Creative Wellness, you discover your own strength while navigating your challenges. You cultivate self-acceptance and self-love, finding beauty in your integrated wholeness and the joy of being all of who you are. You step into your authentic power, purpose, and passion, and take actions to shape your most satisfying life.

The time has come for your Spark to shine!


Jessica Chilton offers her SPARK to YOU!

Jessica Chilton

I am Jessica Chilton and it is my purpose and passion to support women who are ready to fully love themselves and their lives through an arts-based path of Creative Wellness.

I am an Expressive Arts Therapist & Consultant, Creative Wellness Coach, National Certified Counselor and founder of SPARK. I have synthesized my 13 years of professional experience and personal journey in the Expressive Arts field, creating the SPARK System to Creative Wellness. This unique and effective system guides women to navigate life challenges by activating their own capacity for emotional healing, spiritual connection, mental clarity, and expansive creativity.

I have navigated the challenges of growing my own business, shaping my life anew after major life transitions, and learning to move beyond illness and toward loving myself and my life, which is exactly why I have such passion for offering my support to you.

Contact Jessica Chilton at 828-301-5172 or Jessica@SparkCreativeWellness.com to schedule your Creative Wellness Consultation today.