True Self ‘Cover Girl’

Magazine Cover

What would it be like to let your Truest Self bravely shine, even in the Spotlight?

This month I’ve walked into new uncharted territory on the Cover of Mogul Muse Magazine.

I’ve been soaking in the experience of this new terrain of visibility. What I find deeply satisfying is that I am now able to show up in this Spotlight with full authenticity. This has not always been the case.

There have been countless times in my life where I have performed, given presentations, had photo shoots, led groups, and was not able to access and express the real me. When I look into the eyes of this ‘cover girl’ picture I see my truest self shining through. This is what feels so good.

One of the most fun parts of being featured in Mogul Muse this month was creating this Video Interview Adventure up my favorite Art Loeb Trail in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

I invite you to join me on the mountaintop through this Mogul Muse Cover Feature:

‘Exclusive Video Interview with Jessica Chilton’

Thank you to Thalia Barrett, Editor in Chief of Mogul Muse Magazine, who chose to feature me in her magazine and edited this Video Interview so that you can now join me on this beautiful path of love and liberation.

And an extra thank you to my dear friend, Annie Price, who served as my companion, interviewer, and videographer, as we improvised our way up the mountain.

Discover your Magnif-Essence

The Essence of an Oak Tree captured in this Acorn Photo by

Do you believe that you came into this Life and this Body with a unique Essence that is still who you truly are? 

Kind of like an Acorn that holds the essence of the Oak Tree it will become, do you believe that your seed of potential was there at the beginning?

I do.

And I believe that your Essence, when embodied and expressed, feels like your Naturalness. When your Essence is liberated from self-limitations, you get to experience the joy and freedom of being truly yourself.

Yes. It’s like when you were a small child–before any fears or constrictions dampened your shine. Remember how you felt as a young child when you were playing and having fun in your own unique way?

The way you were in those earliest happy memories of childhood holds powerful clues for who you can be and how you can feel right now. 

Oskar’s natural ability to shine reminds me of my own.

I am watching it in Oskar (my 2 year old). He is being Oskar. He is being funny, engaged, musical, bright, cheery, expressive, sensitive, exuberant, willful, loving, affectionate, and imaginative because that is who he naturally is. His essence is fully allowed in each moment. And because of this, he shines.

Most of us have in some way constricted, covered, contained, disconnected and disempowered our ability to naturally shine.We have lost touch with our True Self. 

It is by remembering who we truly are and returning to our Essence that we begin to reconnect with our natural ability to shine. As we allow our uniqueness to shine once again, we have extraordinary gifts to offer the world.

I’m very focused on ESSENCE right now as that is the theme of the month in my Love, Liberate & Launch Group Coaching Program.

In the next 14 days I am leading this awesome group of creative individuals through 14 specific channels for clarifying and connecting with their ESSENCE

Today I’d like to invite you to come with us on our journey through our 1st Channel for clarifying and connecting with your Essence:

Revisit Your Childhood Naturalness… 

I invite you to travel back to your earliest happy moments in childhood. What did you love doing? How did you play? What was fun for you? How did you naturally engage with Life?

Let yourself write stream-of-conscious stories or phrases of memories. Let your inner-child doodle, dance, sing, talk, or play her answers to these questions. And let what you discover be a powerful bridge to your unique Essence that is ready to be expressed again in the world.

Here’s what I discovered when Shining the light on my childhood naturalness:
 As early as I can remember, I loved to improvise — singing, dancing, acting, creating rituals and games. I was five years old when I created my first band. I was the self-proclaimed lead singer. I loved being seen and heard in the spotlight. I loved teaching and leading. I was determined and confident. I loved competition and winning–especially if it involved beating all the boys. And I loved an audience! 

This was the first song I ever made up at age 5. Somehow it has stuck with me throughout my whole life. Singing it again today, I connected with my childhood naturalness…which freed my Essence to be expressed.

My Childhood Naturalness--1st Song I created at age 5:)
My Childhood Naturalness–
This is the 1st Song I created at age 5:) 
“My Eyes and My Ears and My Monkey Teeth!”

Enjoy reconnecting with your Childhood Naturalness as a step into your Magnif-Essence!

Celebrating ALL that YOU are,




Your Experiment in Nourishment

If you want to be bravely yourself and offer your gifts in impactful ways in the world…it’s time to fill yourself up first.

NOURISH is the theme of the first month of our Love, Liberate & Launch Year-long Group Coaching Program. We’re 1 week into the Journey, and we are Nourishing ourselves like never before.

This blog post is my chance to let some of our Nourishment overflow to you!

Cause here’s the thing. However you’ve been nourishing yourself before brought you to your current state–where you are now in Life, feeling how you are feeling today.

So, take this moment to notice your current state–your health, your own feeling of being chronically drained or abundantly full, and where you are right now on your own unique path of being bravely yourself and offering your gifts in impactful ways.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your current state, or if you’re ready to expand to the next level of your potential, you might not want to choose the same old ways of nourishing yourself. 

It’s time to experiment and discover what really fills you up and fuels the purposeful life you’re ready to expand into…

One of our amazingly artistic Love, Liberate & Launch Participants, Lorrie of LoLo Studios, experimented her way into creating this Nourishing Painting. This painting process was all about Nourishing & Activating her Aliveness. I feel nourished and enlivened simply by looking at it!

Copyright LoLo Studios 2015

Our whole Love, Liberate & Launch group is in the midst of a“14 Days of Nourishment Experience.” We’re enjoying 30-minutes a day intentionally experimenting with how to nourish ourselves in the most satisfying of ways.

Feel free to join us your own solo-version of this Experiment in Nourishment! Let your 30 minute daily practice (for 14 days) overflow into your entire day–influencing a new nourishing way to experience your Life.

Specifically, join us in discovering how to:

Nourish your Love for ALL of who you are…

How does your Body, Mind, Spirit, and Heart want to be nourished?

Nourish your Liberation…

How does your Bravery, your Friendship with Fear, the Shadowy places within you, and your Freedom want to be nourished?

Nourish the Launch of your Dreams into Reality…

How does your next inspired Project, your Clarity, your Commitment, and your Purpose want to be nourished?


I truly believe that it is essential to our quest of offering our natural gifts in impactful ways to first fill ourselves up. We want to give our best to others. We want to let our True Self fully shine. This is only possible when we prioritize our own Self-Care. Then, we are able to give sustainably, from a place of abundance rather than depletion.


This month you have the opportunity to decide that your Nourishment is #1 in order to enjoy Life as you make a positive difference for others by being bravely yourself.

Celebrating ALL that YOU are,



Activation: The Climactic Finale! The 4th Step to an Amazing 2015

It’s time for our Finale! And I am already feeling its powerful energy.

This Final Step of ‘Activation’ is the climax to which our whole January Activation Experience has been leading.

(If you missed any of the previous steps you can catch up here: Step 1: Completion, Step 2: Clarity, Step 3: Focus.)

Activation of your 2015 Intention is the Key to not only setting the course, but also infusing ‘Yes’ Energy into your journey this year. Your Activated Intention has the clarity of a compass aligned with your true North … and pulses with your heart’s calling each step of the way.

This Activation Step breathes life into your Intention–transforms it from a simple word and statement … into an Intention that is Alive in your body-mind-spirit-heart.

Activation expands your Intention from personal inspiration that exists only inside of you … into a collaborative partnership with All of Life.

Activation deepens your Intention from a fleeting desire … into an All-In commitment that has the power to move you through the peaks and valleys of the journey.

I activated my 2015 Intention yesterday and I feel all of this! I feel my Intention living and breathing within and around me.

Activating my Intention rooted me deeper into my commitment to my chosen path, energized me with excitement for realizing this dream, comforted me with the feeling of collaboration with all of Life, and infused Trust into every cell.

I invite you to feel, see, hear, and be moved into the power of Activation as I share my Activation Video Ritual with you…

 Now it’s your turn. How will you Activate your 2015 Intention?

There are infinite ways you could Activate your Intention. You will know which way is right for you.

You could…

  1. Create an Altar including an Intention Candle you light each day
  2. Paint your Intention and let the Image guide you throughout the year
  3. Engage in your own Ritual that invites All of Life to support you in your Intention
  4. Dance your Embodied Intention as a morning practice
  5. Create a Soundtrack or your own Song that sounds your Intention back to you as you hear it
  6. Capture yourself living your Intention in a Photoshoot
  7. Draw a Symbol of your Intention and place many of these Symbols throughout your living-working space
  8. Create a Vision Board of your Intention with Magazines or through Pinterest that shows your Intention actualized
  9. And of course, you too could choose to create a Video Activation of your Intention—it is a wonderful multimodal way to bring your Intention to Life.

Let this moment be a powerful catalyst for positively shaping your entire experience of life this year! Make space right now (or before the end of January) to create your own unique way of Activating your Intention.

And, because I would love to enjoy a 2-way flow and be inspired by your Activation Experience … I invite you to leave a Comment below, sharing your experience with us of Activating Your 2015 Intention. 


Focus: The 3rd Step to an Amazing 2015

After our 1st Step of “Completion,” and our 2nd Step of “Clarity,” we are ready to tap into one of our Superpowers: FOCUS. Take this powerful 3rd Step together with me and prepare for an amazing 2015.

I offer you this Guided Visualization Process to support you in discovering your Word of the Year and Guiding Intention for 2015.

Give yourself 40 minutes of sacred space to complete this experience so that you have the Focus to step into your greatest Intention for 2015.  You will need your Journal, markers and drawing materials.


Listen Here, as I guide you in this powerful step–

Step 3 in Activating Your 2015 Intention : “FOCUS”



If you are already registered for–or interested in–our Love, Liberate & Launch 2015 Year-Long Transformational Group Coaching Program, please share your Word of the Year and Guiding Intention with us in our online forum.

Join us here in our Love Liberate & Launch 2015 Private Facebook Group. (Click ‘Join Group’ if you’re not yet a member.)

I am excited to know each unique Intention that my Heart will be supporting as I guide our journey this year.

Your Sanctuary

This is

Your Sanctuary

for Loving who you are,

Liberating your natural gifts,

and Launching your dream into reality…



This year I am deepening into my Trust of Life. Today I am practicing.

I am slowing down, opening up, listening for guidance and Trusting what comes.

Today I was guided to sing to you.

And in singing to you, I share my true intent– to create a Sanctuary for you to love all that you are, liberate your natural gifts, and launch a new dream into reality.



My Sanctuary Song for You

As I sing to you,

I am sending love through my voice,

welcoming you into this sacred space–

your opportunity for guidance, support and connection.

Listen Here and Soak in the Love.


I want to share this Altar space that I have created to hold the essence of this Sanctuary–calling in those who are meant to be together on this Love, Liberate & Launch journey.

The Altar is activated by…

~ the Vision for the Program,

~ special name cards representing those who are already All In and who will be receiving my love and gifts this year

~ the important dates–including January 28th–the last day for a special savings–and February 4th–the first day of the Program. These dates feel like sacred doorways you are invited to walk through with us

~ the portrait of my essence — the Improvisational Healing Artist–who will be leading this journey, inviting your true self to take center stage

~ the candle I light each day as I speak the intention that guides my work

~ special touchstones and images that remind me of how I am supported from all realms

This altar has been guiding me since I created the Love, Liberate & Launch Coaching Program. This altar is my way of honoring this program as a sacred journey.

I give you this peek behind the scenes so you can understand the depths from which this offer comes.

If you feel called to join us, Trust that call. It is your heart responding to the purest of invitations.

Much Love,




Clarity: The 2nd Step to an Amazing 2015

After our 1st Step of “Completion”we are ready to tap into our powerful Clarity. Take this clarifying 2nd Step together with me and prepare for an amazing 2015.

I offer you this Guided Creative Process & Clarity Questionnaire to support you in Clarifying where you are right now and where you want to be at the end of 2015–especially in terms of loving who you are, liberating your natural gifts, and launching your dream into reality.

Give yourself 50 minutes of sacred space to complete this experience so that you have the Clarity to step into your greatest Intention for 2015.


Part 1: Listen and Sketch


Pour yourself a cup of tea, get comfortable with white paper and your favorite drawing materials–colored markers, pencils, or oil pastels. Know that you can go at your own pace, pausing the audio whenever you want more time to sketch or to soak in your experience.

Listen to this audio and invite your Clarity to emerge as you complete this Guided Creative Process.



Part 2: Center and Write

Pencil with "Y" Circled For YesFor those who are interested in being supported throughout the year through the Love, Liberate & Launch Group Coaching Program and for those who are already registered to begin on Feb. 4th, take your Clarity to the next level. 

With your Clarity sketches nearby as inspiration, complete your Love, Liberate & Launch Questionnaire here. Give yourself time and space to respond to the questions as honestly and thoroughly as you are able.  

This will serve as your Clarity touchstone for where you began 2015. It will also give Jessica the background she needs to support you in the Love, Liberate & Launch Group Coaching Program (for those who choose to join). You will receive a copy of your completed confidential Questionnaire after Jessica reviews it.   

Completion: The 1st Step to an Amazing 2015

Step 1 in Activating Your 2015 Intention : “Completion” 

Take this powerful first step together with me and prepare for your Love, Liberate & Launch Journey and an amazing 2015.

 I offer you this audio message to support you in Completing all unfinished business–in relationship, career, home, finances, and beyond–so that you can be ready to step into your greatest Intention for 2015. We are on this journey together. I too will be focused on Completion in this first week of January. I look forward to celebrating your successes and supporting your challenges with Completion as you share in our Love Liberate & Launch 2015 Private Facebook Group.

Listen Here, as I guide you in this powerful first step–

Step 1 in Activating Your 2015 Intention : “Completion”

Your time has come.

You are so talented. You have come into this life with gifts to offer the world. You can feel the potential of the positive impact you are here to make. You feel the call to step up and be all that you are. Your time has definitely come.

You are uniquely you. Your creativity lets you express who you truly are when you let it flow. Your spirit wants to experience all it can in this lifetime. Your soul calls you to dive deep into life and make the most of your time here.

You are at home in the world of arts & creativity, wellness & spirituality, healing & transformation. You are inspired in this community and you know you are meant to be a leader in this realm. Your gifts are welcomed and needed here.

Yet it feels like there are many things in your way.  Many things stopping you from making the impact you know you can make, from fully realizing the possibilities of your highest vision. Sometimes you point your finger at someone or something else. More often though you blame yourself and consider giving up on the dreams all together. When you’re going it alone, it can feel impossible to create the vision, make all the decisions, maintain the energy, and sustain the inspiration each day. It’s easy to count all the reasons why this is Not your time to step up.

But deep inside, you know, none of that is true.

When you look honestly inside yourself, your heart is still calling you forward, and there’s some inner work you’re ready to do.

Today, I offer you this message from the mountain top. Will you sit with me here in this wide-open expanse and listen for what is true for you?

I invite you to get comfortable, let go of all distractions for the next 15 minutes, and open yourself to receiving exactly what you need to hear in order to be ALL IN with your dreams and decide that this is indeed your time to bravely offer your gifts to the world. 

Click on my photo to hear this special audio message for you. 

And please know, you do not have to be alone on this path. The SPARK Community is full of Creative Spirits–leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries, dreamers–just like you. And together, we are inspiring and supporting each other to let our gifts make their greatest difference. 

Join us at our next SHINE Expansive where we can support you in moving beyond what holds you back so you can make your unique contribution to the world.

5 minutes on stage. 9 liberating discoveries.

By Jessica Chilton, MA, NCC

Expressive Arts Therapist & Transformational Coach

‘My Week of Bravery’ came to a climactic end with my 5 liberating minutes on stage last Friday night. 

 The question of the night was:

“Do you have something that you know that if you do it, it will move your life forward, but you’re scared to do it?”

My Answer was YES!

What would your answer be?!

Arriving at Night of Bravery…ready for liberation!

Indeed, my answer was YES. I know I’m meant to be on stage speaking, performing and inspiring large audiences, and I was so ready to liberate myself from all that holds me back so that I can open up to this call. 

If I stay blocked by fears of failure and disapproval, if I stay blocked by mental overdrive for perfection, I’ll never get to make the positive impact that I feel I can make in my lifetime.

In response to this question, I knew what I needed to do. (Do you know what you need to do?)

I needed to step on stage without a script, without a plan. And that scared me. 

I needed to step on stage with only one intention–to be myself and trust myself. That felt like a naked scary leap of faith.

I needed to step on that stage without needing to be liked or even loved by the audience–without needing external validation of any kind. Just the idea of that felt absolutely liberating!!

So, since my answer was a huge YES, I was invited on stage as one of the courageous participants in the Night of Bravery Event hosted by one of my favorite bands, Stephanie’s ID.

Here’s what happened:

From these five minutes of liberation on stage I gained so much. 

I want to share My 9 Liberating Discoveries with you as inspiration for your own journey to be bravely yourself (on and off stage)!

1. Rather than perfecting a script, I now prepare for a performance or speaking event by practicing being bravely myself, tuning into guidance, and improvising from a place of trust.

2. I accept my body as it is (before performing and while on-stage), acknowledge how it’s feeling physically and emotionally, and learn from what it tells me.

3. I walk onto the stage firmly anchored in my internal sense of love, worth, and power. I share myself freely with the audience, without needing any validation back from them. I let them be free to judge and engage however they choose.

4. I let the stage become my liberation launch pad where the spotlights illuminate all that I am and the microphone amplifies the truth I’m here to share.

5. While on stage, I trust my wise self and God to guide me. I trust that what is meant to happen is happening.

6. I talk intimately to the audience like a trusted friend. I share whatever is going on for me in the present moment. I let my vulnerability open our hearts to set the stage for a transformative experience.

7. I let my mind follow the lead of my heart and spirit. I let my mind become brilliant by connecting with my inner light.

8. I improvise and learn! When I let myself improvise, I learn new things about myself that bubble up from my true core. This time I discovered that, “In the heart of me I’m an improvisational healing artist.” I never called myself this before. I am ready to own this title.

9. I now know that…Being Myself is No Big Deal. :) And if being on stage means being myself, then these performances and speaking events can feel easeful. I feel ready to say “Yes!” to any future on-stage opportunity that welcomes me to be fully myself. I know there is ease, joy, trust, and liberation in this path. I’m ready to shine on any stage, simply by being me!

So, now it’s your turn.

After watching this video and reading my reflections, notice what is stirring in you…

What did you notice in yourself as you witnessed me on stage?

Which of these 9 discoveries inspire you?

What would you do on stage in your 5 liberating minutes?

Where are you in your journey of being bravely yourself?

Let’s illuminate your path to freedom!

 Connect with me on this complimentary 
“Liberate Your Potential” Clarity Call. 
and feel into the rightness 
of this next step for you.